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  • 2K Protective polyurethane coating 3:1 black Rangers TROTON

    21,63 €

    2-component polyurethane protective coating with a structure effect.


    Protective coating with excellent chemical (oil, gasoline, water, salt) and mechanical resistance (scratches, stains).
    Resistant to weather conditions (UV filters) and corrosion (anti-corrosive agents).
    Can be painted on various substrates. It can be applied with the UBS antigravel gun as well as with a conventional gravity spray gun.


    • Steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum – prime surfaces with a 2K epoxy primer or 2K acrylic primer, sand using abrasive paper with gradation from P180 to P320, clean and degrease (Silicone Remover Troton).
    • Polyester laminates – sand using abrasive paper P180 or by using Troton’s unwoven abrasive fabric, clean and degrease (Silicone Remover Troton).
    • Polyester body fillers – sand using abrasive paper with gradation from P120 to P240, clean and degrease (Silicone Remover Troton).
    • Plastic surfaces – degrease (Silicone Remover Troton), sand with abrasive paper P240 or with Troton’s unwoven abrasive fabric, degrease again (Silicone Remover Troton), prime with an adhesive promoter, such as Plastic Primer Troton. Due to the many different types of plastic, adhesion testing is advised. Do not apply the product directly on bare metal. Rangers should be applied on primed surfaces or on 2K topcoats and basecoats after proper preparation (be careful with the application on old coatings, thinner testing is advised). Always abrade, clean and degrease the surface before application.


    • Do not apply the product on 1K primers. Instead, always prime the surfaces for the Rangers application with a 2k acrylic primer, 2K epoxy primer or 2k etching primer. Always wait the proper drying and hardening time of etching primer before application.
    • Do not apply Rangers directly on bare original paint or directly on coatings of car body parts from the aftermarket.


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